This is a thing I made using jQuery and PHP. I guess I'll call it "Queuing time trendline" or something like that.

The housing situation in Stockholm can be pretty depressing. Depending on where you want to live it might actually be impossible to get an apartment for rent.

One reason for this might be the queuing system. You register in a queue and apply for any apartment you would like to get. But you can only actually get an¬†apartment when you’ve been in the queue longer than everyone else that also applied for the same apartment.

Luckily, some queues reset your queuing time when you get an apartment, and you have to start waiting all over again if you want to move. But one queue, SKB, that I happen to be registered in, does not reset queuing times at all. This makes it ridiculously hard to get an apartment through them.

I wanted to find out what the trend in the SKB queue actually looks like. So I built this hackish tool to scrape their website’s stats page, and calculate a trendline to see¬†what the future looks like. Spolier: it looks pretty bleek.